Come join one of the best IT companies in Ethiopia. G2G IT Group and its brands and divisions only hire “the best fit” candidates.  You may be the best somewhere else, but you may not be G2G best.  Not only is G2G among the pioneers in Ethiopia, we are finders and keepers of good talent. Here are a few things that we consider that would make you a good fit for G2G.

For all positions

  1. Smarts (if you don’t have this, we wish you all the best; we can’t teach this…)
  2. Heart (dedication, positive attitude, honesty, etc… all come from here; you either have it or you don’t)

For some positions

  1. Experience (if you are a junior, come with the above and we will teach you the rest)
  2. Certification (i.e. CCNA, CCNP, etc.)

G2G contributes to the ICT sector and just as we do that, we also foster excellent environment for our team members. You can come grow; grow your mind, grow your skills and grow your future.