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G2G IT Group and its brands and divisions founded in 2016 is headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. G2G focuses in the service sector of the ICT market in Ethiopia and around the world segmenting it into 4 sectors.

Focuses on the Telecom Industry as a Value Added Service Provider. Internet Service, SMS, Hosting are only a few to mention.

Focused on traditional IT service; networks, servers and applications. Our passion is bridging the gap between a business’ appetite for growth with scalable IT infrastructure and support. Often, many businesses either over spend on hardware and infrastructure they under utilize or cut corners to save cost, only to end up paying more in the future to remediate performance and infrastructural losses. G2G works to keep businesses from making such costly mistakes. We pride ourselves in creating a balance for our clients – in life · business partnerships · and through an unflinching company work ethic. Our hope and expectation is to work towards building solid and lasting partnerships individualized to each client. We feel only our customers can award us the label of a true partner. Our overarching vision is simply this – to assist our customers reach scalable balanced solutions and drive revenue by creating strategic partnerships.

Network Security and Data Protection is the 21st Century’s greatest challenge. Many firms and institutions have been victims and their data has been held for ransom. G2G can help with a complete solution of hardware, software, SOPs and policies to prevent loss and legal risks.

Our GPS based Fleet Management Solution for tracking your vehicles as well as Assets is one of the most user friendly and robust systems on the market. G2G FMS will help you realize savings that your company can use elsewhere.

Meet Our Team

Samuel Getu


Berook Moges

CEO and Co-Founder

Tedros Mehari

CTO and Co-Founder

Kokeb Girma

Administrator and Human Resource Manager

Hiwot Assefa

Sales Manger

Bereket Feleke

Finance Manager

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